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  •  Full Body Scan: parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, candida, organ and brain health.
  •  Activated Oxygen ( o3 Ozone therapy) Inhalation, ear, rectal, vaginal, skin, dental
  •  Rofes/Monicor (frequency therapy)                      ( advanced precision rife technology )
  •  Testing of your supplements & medications  in depth analysis of their affects in your body.
  •  FREE Infrared & HyperVibe!
Experience today's most advanced Bio-Health Hacking methods!
Massively improve your health! 
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" Give me a fever and I can cure any disease" - Hippocrates

Infrared (IR) technology advances allow you to enjoy the amazing health benefits of sunbathing – without the skin-damaging UV radiation. 

Infrared light penetrates deep into your body (2-7 cm) all the way to the inner layers of your skin, to your muscles, nerves and bones. Research in the last decades has proven that this particular frequency of light offers a powerful healing boost to your body on a cellular level. IR then boosts local blood circulation, which brings more healing nutrients and pain relieving components to the area, while promoting a detoxifying sweat. IR saunas are considered one of the most effective tools for detoxifying heavy metals & for weight loss. It has been proven to reduce body fat. Raising your core body temperature boosts your immunity ( produces  white blood cells),  creates a heated environment that bacteria can’t survive and enhances circulation and oxygenation of entire body by creating  blood vessel dilation.
Hit the infrared sauna to rally your body’s natural defenses. As for digestion, FIR works via promoting blood circulation throughout the body – which increases any body function, including digestion + metabolism.
Sleeping with an IR pad offers the best treatment for infections and is instrumental in treating chronic illness. It works EXTREMELY well for Muscle pain, Joint inflammation and pain, Spine injuries (bulging/herniated discs)and Nerve pain (pinched nerves/Sciatica). Infrared light therapy is one of the most versatile, effective and pleasant natural treatments under the sun – using the sun. 

  • Detoxification 
  •  EMF reduction
  •  Relaxation
  •  Pain Relief
  •  Weight Loss & Skin Clearing
  •  Improved Circulation


Most other infrared products emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation, or EMF. Therasage uses enhanced therapeutic benefits through Therafusion Technology.
Making it the most inexpensive cost with the highest quality, proper technology. 

  •  Lymphatic Drainage
  •  Weight Loss + Removes Cellulite
  •  Lowers Blood Pressure
  •  Chi energy & Circulation
Whole Body Vibration can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise.  

Repetitive pulses of sufficient energy cause rhythmic muscles contractions which create health benefits of your nerves and muscles.

Your brain is constantly monitoring the position of your joints and will increase muscle activation in an attempt to stabilize your posture when there is a risk of you becoming unbalanced. This machine offers a unique stretching and vibration of tissues, muscles and ligaments which support the body to maintain this balance. 

The #1 key to Whole Body Vibration effectiveness is G-force. As decades of research with Astronauts has revealed, Gravity is vitally important for the health of your muscles, bones, cardiovascular and practically every other system of your body.

Reducing the amount of gravity on your body leads to degeneration of those same body systems. Even if you exercise regularly, without constant exposure to gravity pulling vertically (as in the standing position), without sufficient gravity the body will break down. When people who spend too much time avoiding gravity by sitting too much and then start to expose themselves to full gravity, they get stronger and healthier, including elderly. 

Science shows frequencies between 20-45Hz are best. Along with frequency, the amplitude of the plate movement is a key factor for how much energy is delivered to your body. A Hypervibe machine is one of very few machines with the right combination of power and features needed to provide effective and beneficial results.

For woman who typically are more prone to osteoporosis this supports building bone density. For those who have challenges getting exercise like people who are ill, overweight or elderly provides an easy way to get movement into their routine.


Despite all the glossy advertising you’ve seen about Whole Body Vibration, only a FEW vibration machines can produce the results they quote from the scientific research. And out of the few HyperVibe offers the most inexpensive cost with the highest quality, proper technology. 

  • If I am healthy would these treatments benefit me?
  •  Weather you have a very healthy lifestyle or practice unhealthy habits, due to many environmental factors most all of us could benefit from each of the modalities featured in the activated wellness clinic. In addition the preventative aspect is useful for everyone in that we are all aging, and utilizing powerful anti aging methods can increase your vitality and extend your life span.
  • Is there a chance I will experience any bad reactions or complications?
  • Ozone and Rife are non-toxic (little or no side effects other than the standard kill-off effect, i.e. Herxheimer, caused by any modality that destroys pathogens and necessitates the body having to clean up and detoxify the mess; this is a well known and documented effect of any treatment that actually works!) as opposed to most drugs, and is non-damaging to normal tissue in contrast to surgery. It has no ionizing radiation and so cannot cause damage to the immune system or DNA breakage, etc. *People with pacemakers can not receive either of these therapies.

  •  Why doesn't the medical establishment give up drug sales for these types of modalities & devices?
  • Simply stated …. there's nothing in it for them. Worse than that, it has the potential of threatening significant and substantial incomes and profits if its use becomes wide spread. Bottom line versus Ultimate truths for humanity to prevent & heal :/
  • What is the difference between the Rofes/Monicor system and other  Rife machines and PEMF devices? 
  • With frequency devices It is no longer a question of the machine, or how it works. If it outputs frequency it will support there body, even the most inexpensive ones. It becomes a question of how well we use that tool, and knowing how far you can get with it. Pulsed (PEMF) or square wave devices support the stressors of the brain and body systems to relax, which can cause on onset of feeling much better and less inflamed and stressed, which provides an overall health improvement. However if we want to take the guess work out and not generalize treatments, using sophisticated bio feedback diagnostics to then output precision treatments will yield far better long lasting health benefits ( and much faster results ). Some PEMF devise use vocal bio feedback, but this still falls into a general approach for output.

  •  We are now starting as a human collective to seek effective alternative solutions like rife, ozone, etc. (For example, in Germany, as of 2004 there over eight thousand doctors and practitioners who routinely use medical grade ozone and over 15,000 European! Russia has been using ozone therapy now for over 15 years and Cuba is not far behind.). Of these alternative therapies, Rife approaches are super-effective and safe yet seriously under-represented.. ANYONE WHO IS SICK needs to know about this.
  • Ozone therapy is the most advanced Anti-Aging Tool that exists. It surpasses other oxygen protocols such as (HBOT) or hydrogen peroxide. 
  • As early as 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in his work of what causes cells to become cancerous and now thanks to him it is well known that cancer cells thrive under conditions of low oxygen and high acidity.
  • The vast majority breathe at about 30% capacity and once we elevate our oxygen levels to 100% there is a HUGE shift in vitality & ability to fight off and prevent disease. 
  • Oxygenation therapy saturates the body with oxygen. Oxygen is absolutely essential for the cells, tissues, organs and biological functions of the body. Oxygen is necessary for good health, but too little can boost the development of harmful bacteria along with viruses, and too much could harm tissue that is healthy.
  • Both Ozone & Rife can can be powerful solution for periodontal and dental problems, the lungs, the arteries and arterioles, bones, joints, ligaments, etc. Many diseases are now known to be caused "leaky teeth and gums"  (This is not to imply they should replace Dentistry, but only that it is a valuable adjunct to proper Dental care.)
  • In 1934, Royal Rife was given a number of human test subjects. This group was from the Pasadena County Hospital and all of them had terminal cancer. They had been essentially left to die because no more could be done for them by the cancer industry. Under the supervision of a Special Medical Research Committee of pathologists and oncologists from the University of Southern California, the patients were brought to Rife’s laboratory in San Diego to undergo his unique experimental treatment. They reported astounding: 86.5% of the patients were completely cancer free. Another 13.5% received an adjusted treatment (more potent) for an additional 30 days and then they also became 100% cancer-free. In conclusion Rife’s technology was 100% effective against terminal (stage IV) cancer in all of the participants.  *Tesla and Priore also contributed to Healing With Electromagnetic Frequency

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These services and information provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  Since every individual is unique, I highly recommend you consult with your licensed health care practitioner about your health needs. All advice is given based on my own experiences. All advice is given as a discussion among peers. The information in this outlet are an abstract drawn from many information sources, reflects the opinion of Hopi Ryder and should not to be construed as medical advice or as a claim for cures either stated or implied.

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